December 2017 

  • Sajib receives Gordon R Finch Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Environmental Engineering. Congratulations, Sajib!

October 2017 

  • Sajib receives Alberta Innovate Graduate Student Scholarship. Congratulations, Sajib!
  • Dr. Dhar’s article on biofilm conductivity is accepted for publication in Water Research.
  • Dr. Long Lin joins the lab. She is co-supervised with Dr. Daryl McCartney. Dr. Lin completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the Ohio State University, USA.  Welcome, Dr. Lin!
  • Sajib presents his paper at the 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference.

September 2017 

  • Basem S. Zakaria joins the lab.  He completed his M.Sc. in Environmental Biotechnology from Cairo University in 2015.  Welcome,  Basem!
  • Tae Chung (Calvin) join the lab under Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Research Award Program. Currently, he is an undergraduate student in Environmental Engineering program at the University of Alberta. Welcome, Calvin!
  • Qi Huang joins the lab. She is co-supervised with Dr. Yang Liu. She completed her B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Nanjing Forestry University, China. Welcome, Qi!

August 2017 

  • Sajib’s review paper on direct interspecies electron transfer in anaerobic digestion is accepted for publication in Bioresource Technology. Congratulations, Sajib!
  • Nesma receives Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship.  Congratulations, Nesma!

May 2017 

  • A review article co-authored by Dr. Dhar is accepted for publication in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

April 2017 

  • Dr. Dhar receives NSERC Discovery Grant for developing electrochemically assisted biotechnologies for bioenergy and resource recovery from organic wastes.

March 2017 

  • Dhar Lab receives Imperial Oil  University Research Award.

 January 2017

  •  Sajib Barua joins the lab.  He completed his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2016.  Welcome, Sajib!