http://nautiluscleaners.com/?visterok=why-online-dating-is-a-good-idea&40e=f2 The principles and applications of biological processes in the treatment of contaminated environmental media, with a focus on wastewater treatment. Includes knowledge of environmental microbiology necessary to understand biological processes.

rencontres 59310 Principles of solid waste management to protect public health. Study of solid waste components, refuse collection, storage, and handling. Design and operation of solid waste transfer and disposal facilities including transfer stations, resource recovery and composting facilities, incinerators, and landfills.

Introduction to waste management and treatment; physical, chemical, and biological properties of waste and their significance in waste management; materials recovery and recycling; anaerobic digestion; thermochemical conversion processes.

Wastewater quantity and characteristics. Primary treatment and secondary treatment. Reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, adsorption, air stripping, air flotation, chemical precipitation. Sludge treatment and disposal. Groundwater and leachate treatment. Industrial wastewater management.